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Bathroom Safety and Home Modification

Avoiding slips and falls is the first step in maintaining independence at home!

We have the expertise to help!

Bathroom Safety is a major factor to consider when choosing to Retire-At-Home. Creating a safe bathroom that allows you to move freely with mobility devices, get in and out of your tub with ease, and fix the height of toilets and sinks are all keys to living independently. It is for these reasons that Bathroom Safety Renovations are the number one type of home renovation in North America.

By speaking with Retire-At-Home about your needs for Bathroom Safety and Home Modifications, we will send an experienced professional that will assess your bathroom and suggest required changes that suit your personal health and safety needs. We will ensure that the products and services you receive result in minimal interruption to your everyday home environment!

With Retire-At-Home, you only have to deal with ONE point of contact for all your Bathroom Safety and Home Modification needs. We will deal with reputable suppliers for you and ensure you receive the right products with no hassle on your side.

Bathroom shower

Our Bathroom Safety Products and Home Modification Services include:

  • In-home consultation and assessment of your bathroom environment
  • Professional advice and design of bathroom modifications
  • Coordination of contractors to ensure modifications are completed accurately and on budget
  • Toilet replacements or alterations
  • Walk-in shower installations
  • Door widening
  • Improved lighting
  • Grab bar and handrail installations
  • Non slip flooring

Please see an article on Bathroom Safety and Home Modification which featured Retire-At-Home.

Contact us today to find out how we can help maintain your independence at home with our Bathroom Safety Products and Home Modification Services.